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Bookmozo is different from publishers who claim to publish your book, but in reality, just convert it into an E-Book, with 5-10 print copies for vanity purposes. We publish in print, at an economic price, and at the highest quality; so that, your book lands into the hands of the readers, instead of becoming just another file on a website.

End-To-End Publishing

Utilize our end-to-end services to publish your books in print: including editing, type-setting, proof reading, printing, cover designing, binding etc. eBooks publishing is also supported. You can publish in color or B/W, in different sizes and both hardbound and soft-bound. Publish your novels / poems / stories / thesis / comics / illustrations with us.

Retain the Full Copyright

We do not believe in stealing your rights on your hard work. When you publish with us, you retain the complete rights on your published work, and the freedom to license them in any way you deem fit. You can publish through a different publisher in future, sell your books through any channel, and sell the rights for adaptation in other media (audio/video/other).

Best Quality at Low Prices

Our prices start below Rs. 18/- per copy, with minimum cost to publish as low as Rs. 4,990/- For the price, you get multiple customization options suitable to your individual needs. You also get a FREE ISBN Number and Bar Code, and a Free high high quality Cover design, with an option to add an Author Profile and a book page on our website.

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About US

30+ Years, 1400+ Publications, 350+ Active Titles, ISBN Number
Helping the new and upcoming authors to get published econimically

Bookmozo is the web-based publish-on-demand service subsidiary of Shiva Prakashan, a traditional publishing house established in 1983. Over the past 32 years, we have published over 1400 titles, and have around 350 active titles in science, commerce, technology, home science, literature and general reading.

We provide end-to-end publishing service, including editing, typesetting, proof reading, printing, cover designing, binding, book reviews, marketing & distribution etc. We use ISBN numbers and Bar Code on our titles (with author’s consent/request). With lots of customization options available, suitable to varying individual needs, we aim to publish your book in the quickest possible manner. We also provide support for value added services such as ghost-writing, and illustration design.

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Recent Titles

A wide variety of subjects, in both English and Hindi
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7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing

Aankur Kumar Gupta
ISBN: 978-81-920906-1-0
Title: 7 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Outsourcing
Author: Aankur Kumar Gupta
Format: Hard-Bound
Pages: 140 (PP)
Price: 650/-
Size: Regular (5″x8″)
Uploaded image

Absolute Liberation

Gurpreet Kang
ISBN: 978-81-920906-3-4
Title: Absolute Liberation
Author: Gurpreet Kang
Format: Paperback
Pages: 120 (PP)
Price: 250/-
Size: Regular (5″x8″)
Uploaded image

King of Hearts

Prassant Kevin
ISBN: 978-81-920906-2-7
Title: King of Hearts
Author: Prassant Kevin
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200 (PP)
Price: 150/-
Size: Regular (5″x8″)
Uploaded image

मांडू: द सिटी ऑफ़ जॉय

Ajay Chandeshri
Title: मांडू: द सिटी ऑफ़ जॉय
Author: Ajay Chandeshri
Format: Paperback
Pages: 40 (PP)
Price: 30/-
Size: Regular (5″x8″)

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