What is Publishing-on-Demand? How is it different from Print-on-Demand?

Publishing on demand refers to a complete bouquet of end-to-end publishing services packaged together as a single service, which can be used as and when required. Print on demand, in contrast, refers only to the printing part of the publishing process on per copy basis.

Who are you?

We are a publishing house based in Indore, who have published over 1400 titles since 1983. With Bookmozo, we have become the first publisher to offer Publish-on-Demand service in India.

What services do you offer?

We offer web-assisted publishing-on-demand. We offer all the services required to publish a book, including editing, typesetting, proof reading, printing, cover designing, binding, book reviews, marketing & distribution etc. The emphasis is on using web as a communication channel, while providing all the services usually associated with traditional publishing.

Who can publish using your services?

Anyone with a book to publish can use our services, given that the content shouldn’t violate any law of the land. The kind of books we have published include academic books, self-help guides, whitepapers, medical reference, tour guides, research papers, doctoral thesis, conference souvenirs, quarterly magazines etc. Since the authors are retaining the copyright as well as the financial risk, we do not discriminate based on content.

How are you different from Self-Publishing sites?

Unlike self-publishing companies, who are just helping you to create and list e-books, we are focused on publishing the books through routine process, and providing you with printed copies of your work, in the quantity that you require. Although, e-book option is also available for you to exercise if you like.

Specifically, we provide following advantages over a self-publishing option:

  1. End-to-end Publishing process. This means authors can submit the manuscript in hand-written or any other not-ready-to-print format. This option is specially useful for Hindi authors, considering the complexity of Hindi Type-setting. Even E-books cannot be published without proper typesetting.
  2. Wide distribution channel developed over 3 decades. This means, if authors so desire, their books can be sold through our network of wholesalers and retailers, for a portion of the profit from such sales.

Who holds the copyright for the published work?

Author retains the copyright for published books. If they want they can also opt for obtaining a copyright certificate via us or some third party at additional charges. However, the process takes a long time, and for all practical purposes, a printed copy proves just equally useful.

Do you offer copy-editing? 

Yes, Copy-editing is available as part of the standard publishing process.

Who does the proof reading?

Proof reading is done by us for the books which require typesetting. The final proof reading involves your input so that you can see what is going to be printed. For Print As-Is option, you shall proof-read the contents before submitting the final document to us.

Can you print or sell additional copies of the book?

As the copyright remains with the author, we cannot print or sell additional copies without author’s permission/order. The limited license we get via your order allows us to sell the printed copies only to you or the designated person. However, for every order a few additional copies may be printed to replace any wastage/damaged copies. Also, 2 additional copies for every title are printed for ISBN and publishing records respectively.

Can you sell printed copies of published books through your distribution channel?

This option is available on request. Our commitment is to provide the printed copies to the author, in the quantity as ordered by the author. However, if the author so desires, we can sell the printed copies through our distribution channel as well. Though, no sales volume is guaranteed, and profits from such sales will be divided equally between the author and us. To exercise this option, author will need to leave an inventory of printed copies with us, to enable us to fulfill any orders. Also, few free copies will need to be distributed as specimen. So, plan the number of copies accordingly.

Do you also sell e-books?

E-books option is available to our authors. If they choose to publish e-book, we sell it on our web-store, as well as, list them on popular e-book stores such as Amazon and Google Play (as per service availability).

What printing elements do you add to the book?

Every book that is published-on-demand gets our logo printed on cover and optionally on inner, same applies to ISBN number. Other optional printing elements include Price, Copyright Notice, and Print-line (typesetter and printer information).

How long does it take for books to be printed and delivered?

After the final proofs for the formatted book contents as well the cover have been approved, it usually takes between 7-10 business days to dispatch the printed books. However, there may be some delays due to various reasons, which shall be communicated as and when such an impact becomes known to us. Further, after the books have been dispatched, actual delivery may take some time depending on the distance and available modes of transport. Transit times are not in our control, and thus we cannot guarantee delivery at a pre-appointed time.

Are there any freebies?

There are a few things that we provide for free, for every book that is published by us. These include: ISBN & Bar Code for the book, Cover design, and Author Profile & Book Page on our website.

What are the charges for publishing?

Charges depend on a lot of factors including size, color, number of pages, quantity and additional services required. There are no generic packages, as we like our authors to retain complete flexibility. For charges for the specific options you require, please check the Price Calculator.