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Size will be smaller by 10 mm on either side for Paperback.

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Language(s): English, Hindi, Marathi, Hinglish


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Require Copy-Editing (for language and grammar)
Publish & Sell E-books (on bookmozo and other e-book stores)

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Product Description

Publish a book/thesis/diary/souvenirs as per your choice. Each book published by us is eligible for FREE ISBN and bar code, as well as a free cover deign for the book. There are multiple customization options available, as mentioned above. Here is a description for each option.

Print Color

  • Full Color – Premium color print with variety of images and text. We use 110 GSM Art Paper which is coated on both side to avoid color bleed to back side. This option is most suitable if your book contains a number of photographs or uses colors to mark-up different texts.
  • Black & White – Standard color print with greyscale images and black text. This option uses 70 GSM uncoated White Paper to give a premium feel to printed matter. Despite Black & White nature of the text, Cover will still be a full colored image designed specifically to suit your book. This option is more suitable to text intensive books.


  • Regular (150×215 mm) – Also known as A5, this is the standard size for most literary work. A Hardbound book will be 150 mm wide and 215 mm tall, whereas a Paperback book is 140 mm wide and 205 mm tall (±2%).
  • Large (190×250 mm) – This size is more suitable for technical books or two-columnar content with large images. A Hardbound book will be 190 mm wide and 250 mm tall, whereas a Paperback book is 180 mm wide and 195 mm tall (±2%).
  • Super (215×290 mm) – Also known as A4, this size is most useful for large size pictures. A useful methods is to have smaller content and sidebar annotations to highlight the important parts. A Hardbound book will be 215 mm wide and 290 mm tall, whereas a Paperback book is 205 mm wide and 280 mm tall (±2%).


Note: Irrespective of the option you choose, a 4-page inner will be designed by us for your book to include ISBN number, Price and Copyright related details. Thus, your file should contain 4 pages less than the number of pages used for price calculations.

  • Print As-Is – Choose this option is you have your matter in ready-to-print situation. After making the payment, mail your finalized content as a PDF file along with the order number to No alterations will be made to your content (except size reduction if the content is larger than the print boundaries for selected size).
  • Type-Setting Required – This is the option that you should choose if your book requires any kind of type-setting (even if only the alignment to page boundaries). You can send your compiled content to us either in digital format (as a document or PDF) on or in hand-written/printed format on our postal address. Do not forget to specify the order number.


  • Hardbound – This option gives you a hard bounded book with cloth cover, wrapped in a Art Paper based Laminated Cover Jacket. For thicker books, it also includes page marker ribbon. This is always a better option from the perspective of appeal and safety of book pages.
  • Paperback – In this option, you get a Laminated Art Paper based colored cover. This option is suitable for thinner books.
  • Spiral-bound – This option is most suitable for thesis and diary type books. In this option, you get a Laminated Art Paper based Colored Front-cover in addition to PVC based plain inner and back covers.


  • 32 pages are minimum, at least 80 pages are recommended, for any book.

Additional Options

  • Require Copy-Editing – This option is very useful for new writers. Often the work doesn’t match the quality expectations of a reader from language and grammar perspective. Readers expect the content to have a consistent flow, and simple language, without any ambiguity. Our seasoned editors can review your content and re-write some portions to improve the overall quality of the content.
  • Publish & Sell E-books – This option is available only for English books. Choose this option if you want us to publish and sell e-book version for your book through our web-store and other channels (such as kobo store, as per service availability). E-books are usually sold at 40% discount to MRP. 50% of profits from all such sales would be passed on to you. We can also sell hard-copies of your books on our web-store (upon request).