English-Hindi Human Translation Service

Do you need high-quality English-Hindi translation?

Machine based translation is a good option for a quick translation of trivial text. But when it comes to quality content for professional use, it is marred by various issues.

Disadvantages of Machine Translation:

  • Ambiguity – When it comes to finding a suitable translation when a word can have more than one meaning.
  • Context-Insensitivity – A sarcasm may be lost, and a serious matter may become a joke.
  • Limited Use – Specially the inability to translate non-standard language with the same accuracy as standard language.
  • Grammatical Errors – Different languages have different semantics, whereas most translators use a common grammar for sentence structuring.

For a quick example of this issue, try translating this text by using one of the options below.

Therefore, if you need good quality translation, you MUST use human translators. Our professional translators, who are expert in context-aware translation, can help you here.

Advantages of Bookmozo Translation Service:

  • Human translation by professional translators.
  • Experience of translating over half a million pages (over 12 million words).
  • Professional, ready-to-use output quality.
  • Translation into commonly used¬†native language, instead of complex mechanized terms which are difficult to understand.
  • Specialists in various subject areas, ensuring accuracy in translation of technical text.
  • Multiple Output Format Options, including Word (.doc, .docx), PDF, and Web (HTML).
  • Highly Economic. Prices start at just Rs. 300/- (For one A/4 page – 250 words)

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